GDP Food Safety Audit

GDP (Good Distribution Practices) Food Safety Audit – Companies turn to EAGLE to ensure their food safety polices and procedures are defined and implemented through third party, independent verification.

Why GDP Food Safety Audit?

A GDP Food Safety audit helps ensure that the products you are storing and transporting are safe for human consumption. It requires knowledgeable food safety professionals to make a dedicated effort to ensure food safety polices and procedures are in place and enforced.  A GDP Food Safety audit is a stepping stone to preparing your company for accredited certification to SQF, FSSC 22000 and BRCGS that EAGLE can provide for you.

Companies who complete an EAGLE GDP audit will benefit from:GDP audit

  • Third party, independent verification of processes/procedures
  • Validating effective and proper allergen management – the #1 cause for recalls
  • Ensured adherence to applicable prerequisite programs
  • Strengthened programs for compliance to regulatory requirements
  • Showing due diligence to provide safe products to consumers

What is a GDP Food Safety Audit?

A GDP Food Safety Audit focuses on preventing contamination and reducing risk. The audit is broken up into three areas:

Management Responsibility
Product Adulteration/Contamination
Allergen Program
HACCP Program (optional)
Food Security/Food Defense
Food Safety Training

Written Food Safety/Food Quality Procedures
Supplier/Service Provider Monitoring
Customer Complaints
Recall program, Withdrawal, and Product

GDP Program
Facilities (Premises)
Employee Practices and Processing Practices
Preventative Maintenance and Equipment
Storage and Transportation
Handling of Food Products
Foreign Material Control Program
Air and Water Quality
Restroom and Break Room Requirements
Cleaning Equipment and Chemicals
Cleaning, Sanitation and Housekeeping Procedures
Pest Control

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