Chemicals & Non-Metallic Mineral Products

A quality management system will help companies in the chemicals & non-metallic mineral products industry to be competitive, reduce risks, control safety and manage product quality.

Chemicals & Non-Metallic Mineral Products CertificationChemicals

Chemicals have various forms. They can be a solid, powder, liquid, gas or plasma. Its form and how it is used determines its effect and what should be done to avoid harmful exposure. By being certified, your company will develop the proper controls to comply with regulatory and safety requirements, maintain product quality and manage risk. A certification standard, like ISO 9001, provides tools and a system to efficiently and effectively produce safe, reliable products, be environmentally responsible, and follow procedures for the health and safety of employees.

Non-Metallic Mineral Products

Chemicals & Non-Metallic Mineral ProductsMaterials such as sand, gravel, stone, clay and refractory materials are processed into products used in a variety of industries. These processes include grinding, mixing, cutting, shaping and honing. To be competitive, companies in the non-metallic mineral products industry must have proper and effective guidelines in place to reduce risks and manage product quality. Implementing a management system will provide the structure needed to effectively manage business processes to meet regulatory, customer, health and safety and quality requirements.


Implementing a standard is just one of the many components for certification. Chemicals & non-metallic mineral products companies must also understand the responsibilities and expectations that go along with certification. For 20 years companies have turned to EAGLE for certification services drawing on their best-of-best industry knowledge and auditor competency to effectively identify best practices and opportunities for improvement, thus keeping their management system robust and effective.

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