Concrete & Construction

Certification of a company’s quality management system is a proven tool for the concrete and construction industries to help companies meet their process requirements while meeting customer needs, maintaining costs and building a competitive advantage.


Concrete & Construction CertificationConcrete is one of the most used building materials in the world. Companies continually look for ways to reduce risk, ensure compliance and lower costs. ISO 9001 certification provides companies the tools to manage their business to produce quality products and increase customer satisfaction. ISO 45001 provides a management system to help companies meet the growing list of regulatory and safety requirements.


Crane on top of half built sky scraperThe construction industry includes a multitude of activities such as residential construction, building bridges, paving roads, excavations and demolitions. Like all other industries, the construction industry must ensure they meet the increasing list of regulatory, safety and quality requirements. Effective quality management systems, like ISO 9001 and ISO 45001, will keep in check your processes and controls to produce safe, reliable quality products while keeping your employees safe.


With EAGLE, you get more than certification. Our clients benefit from personalized service to ensure familiarity with their business, value through constructive feedback and identifying opportunities for improvement. Our certification process will help you identify best practices to make your quality management system robust and effective.

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