GMP Food Safety Audit

GMP Food Safety Audit – Companies benefit from EAGLE’s experienced auditors who have hands-on experience in managing and implementing a robust food safety program.

Why GMP Food Safety Audit?

In the ever growing global food industry, food safety is top of mind for consumers and retailers. Independent GMP audits verify the company’s food safety practices and processes are effectively implemented, including their HACCP Program.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) function as the baseline of a Washing Handsfood safety management system and the GMP audit can help companies improve their food safety and quality systems. It is a stepping stone to preparing your company for accredited certification to SQF, FSSC 22000 and BRCGS that EAGLE can provide for you.

The EAGLE GMP audit assesses a company’s food safety processes and provides independent, third party verification that the GMP program is effective and robust. Upon completion of a successful GMP audit, and completions of any corrective actions, EAGLE will issue a non-accredited certificate indicating a company’s Good Manufacturing Practices are effective.

What is a GMP Food Safety Audit?

A GMP Food Safety Audit focuses on preventing contamination and reducing risk. The audit is broken up into three areas: good manufacturing practices, food safety systems and quality programs.

GMP Program                            
Employee Practices
Preventive Maintenance
Transportation & Storage
Foreign Material Control
Facility (Premises)
Restroom/Break Room Requirements
Air and Water Quality
Equipment, Containers and Utensils           Cleaning Equipment and Chemicals
Cleaning, Sanitation and Housekeeping     Sanitation       Pest Control

HACCP Program                                          Quality Procedures
Allergen Program                                         Supplier Monitoring
Food Security                                               Product Traceability
Food Safety Training                                    Customer Satisfaction
Product Adulteration/Contamination