EAGLE Management Information System

We offer our clients the ability to manage their audits, certificates, and reports through our online database, EAGLE Management Information System (EMIS). Accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, our clients can login to their client portal to look at the information that is important to them, and their organization. If a client oversees multiple sites, that’s no problem. They can get access to information for as many sites as they need to. Our role-based approach will also ensure that only people who are authorized to see information can view it.

Features of EMIS:

  • Web-based, so it is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • View and download your current certificate so you can print it out at your convenience.
  • Access audit history for the organizations you manage.
  • Retrieve audit reports for your audits.
  • Respond to corrective actions directly inside of the portal, cutting out sending multiple emails back and forth. Your organizations non-conformance history is also available for your viewing.
  • Be informed with our latest newsletters, industry update documentation, and tutorials.
  • Stay up to date on current happenings with our event-based email notifications. Get audit reminders, certificate notifications, and corrective action responses from your auditor.