Other Industries

To be competitive in today’s global market, all industries must ensure they meet customer demand and expectations. Implementing a quality management system will provide the tools needed to deliver customer satisfaction.

Customer Focus

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Without satisfied customers, businesses fail. It’s a fact. No matter how small, big, targeted or global, companies that consistently meet customer expectations are successful. Implementing a quality management system, like ISO 9001 or ISO 22000, provides a focus to ensure the company’s objectives are linked to customer needs and satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction applies to ALL industries – distribution, transportation of goods and products, IT services, calibration and testing, program management, human resources, marketing, education, hospitality and retail are just some examples. No matter what business service is provided, all industries benefit from the discipline of a quality management system.

Improved Business Processes

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Companies that implement a quality management system will benefit from:

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Improved communication throughout the entire organization
  • Employee buy-in to accountability, ownership and competency
  • Effective use of resources to reduce costs
  • Managing related processes to increase effectiveness and efficiency
  • Focus on continual improvement to make processes more effective
  • Better control of records and data
  • Creating value for employees, customers, and suppliers


Since 1994, thousands of companies have trusted EAGLE to certify their quality management system is robust and effective. Our auditors represent industries from all sectors. They have the background and hands-on experience to effectively help companies continually improve their business processes to maximize customer satisfaction.

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