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40 N. Main Street
Suite 1880
Dayton, OH 45423

Phone  +1 800 795 3641
Phone  +1 937 293 2000
Fax  +1 937 293 0220

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Contact Management

Skip Greenaway | Chairman Emeritus
Brad Shillito | President
Bryant Shillito | Chief Analytics & Risk Officer
Chris Miller | Chief Technical Officer (EAGLE)
Roger Roeth | Chief Technical Officer (EAGLE Food)
Jessica Osborne | Chief Program Officer
Kelly Abbott | Director of Certification & Technical Services
Colin Christmas | Managing Director
Lindsey Stafford | Director of Certification (FSMS)
Chuck Russo | Director of Business Development
Janet Traxler | Director of HR & Finance
April Leonard | Program Manager
Matt Penny | IT Manager

Contact Technical Group

Ed Stephens | EAGLE Technical Manager
Trish Jarmon | Food Technical Manager (FSMA & FSMS)
Jane Piatt | Technical Admin Coordinator
Mallory Lucas | Food Technical Manager
Korie Schneemann | Technical Admin Coordinator

Contact Business Development

Jack Hamilton | Senior Business Development Manager
Kaylor Schuttinger | Senior Business Development Manager
Allison McGee | Business Development Manager
Megan Murphy | Business Development Manager
Pat Woodworth | Business Process Coordinator

Contact Administration & Information Technology

Tracy Simon | Admin Financial Manager
Jennifer Canny | HR & Senior Financial Coordinator
Stephanie Prater | Senior Financial Coordinator
Danielle Posillico | Financial Administrator
Jean Horstman | Office Coordinator
Nate Schall | Help Desk Support

Contact Client Services

Chris D'Mello | Senior Certification Manager (BRCGS/GF/SQF)
Caitlin Jefferson | Senior Certification Manager (IATF/QMS/EMS)
Donna Somuk | Senior Certification Manager (SQF/GMP)
Sean Johnston | Senior Certification Manager (AS/QMS)
Christina Ramsey | Certification Manager (SQF)
Penny Robinson | Certification Manager (QMS)
Lisa Crawford | Certification Manager (SQF)
Amanda Zeigler | Certification Manager (MED/QMS)
Mandie Gresham | Certification Manager (SQF/GMP)
Pragati Pawar | Certification Manager (MED/QMS/EMS)
Kellie Worrell | Certification Manager (GLOBALG.A.P./PrimusGFS)
Sarah Bruno | Certification Manager (EMS/OHS/QMS)
Kyle Howe-Vachon | Certification Manager (SQF)
Yuri McGhie | Certification Manager (QMS/AS)
Hayden Sargent | Certification Support (SQF)
Tracy Miller | Certification Manager
Teresa Nickels | Certification Support