What Our Clients Say

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say about EAGLE auditors and EAGLE’s certification process!

Audit Value

We feel better about our operation after the audit. The audit was thorough and made us feel like we have the proper systems in place to ensure food safety.

Boyd Station, LLC

Danville, PA

Auditor Competency

The auditor really added value to our organization by explaining the requirements of the code and why we were lacking in certain areas – very professional and knowledgeable.

Accurate Box Company, Inc.

Paterson, NJ


Because the auditors are on the front line so to speak, their abilities and actions receive most of the attention. But, it has been my experience that the support team behind the lines are the ones that make or break a company. EAGLE’s support team is the best, making EAGLE successful because of their efforts.

Pentaflex Inc.

Springfield, OH


Alps Electric Ireland Ltd. would like to commend EAGLE on the provision of excellent service. EAGLE’s auditors were very skilled, courteous and very professional. It was evident that they had a thorough knowledge of the standard and its requirements.

Alps Electric Ireland Ltd

Millstreet Town, CO Ireland

Knowledge Base

The service provided from EAGLE was clearly communicated and followed through within a timely manner. We were most pleased with the technical knowledge of staff pertaining to our industry.

Independent Warehouse

Dryden, WA

Continuous Improvement

The audit was a good learning experience for the company as a whole. We were able to determine where our weak points were and know we are a better company for it.

Sun America LLC

Alliance, OH

Client Survey Results

EAGLE continually improves their processes to provide our customers with a positive, productive experience. We send a survey after every audit and qualify our delivery of services every quarter. Here is a quick look at how our clients rated our performance in Q1-2024 (January-March):

1. Please rank your overall experience with EAGLE’s office staff: your certification manager, sales staff, and all other administrative staff. (4.71)

2. Please rank your overall experience with EAGLE’s auditing staff. (4.79)

3. Please rank your overall experience with EAGLE’s audit adding value to your organization. (4.72)

4. How satisfied are you that the benefits of becoming certified will outweigh the expense incurred? (4.59)

5. How satisfied are you that you would recommend EAGLE to a supplier, colleague, or friend? (4.77)

Average Response Total: 4.72

5-Completely Satisfied      4-Very Satisfied      3-Satisfied      2-Somewhat Satisfied      1-Not At All Satisfied