Rubber, Plastics & Textiles Industries

To be competitive, companies in the rubber, plastics and textile industries must have proper and effective guidelines in place to reduce risks and manage product quality – it’s essential to success. This is the benefit of certification to an ISO standard in the rubber, plastics & textiles industries.

Increase Your Market & Customer Satisfaction

Rubber, Plastics & Textiles IndustriesAll industries benefit from a quality management system. It can open doors to a global market, help increase the day-to-day operational efficiencies, manage costs and improve product quality and customer satisfaction. Companies who implement the disciplines of an ISO  standard commit to providing quality products that meet specific customer requirements.

Be Environmentally Responsible

Companies who implement an ISO 14001 standard prove their commitment to reducing their impact on the environment to external stakeholders and clients. In a globally competitive market, this can make a huge financial impact on any company.

Provide a Safe & Healthy Workplace

Rubber, Plastics & Textiles Industries CertificationBillions of dollars are spent on health and safety incidents each year. Companies who are passionate about employee health and safety implement the ISO 45001 standard. By doing so they control their costs by establishing proper procedures to control risks and improve performance.


Companies turn to EAGLE for their industry reputation of providing a value-added certification process to an ISO standard. We communicate with precision and clarity to minimize surprises and provide knowledge beyond results to create a culture of development.

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