Environmental Management and Health & Safety

In today’s business world, environmental management and health & safety concerns are constantly in the spotlight. Having a system in place to protect the environment and the safety of employees is imperative. An Environmental Management and Health & Safety Certification can identify the controls needed to address these issues.


Environmental Management

Environmental Management & Health & Safety Certification Everyone knows that the world’s resources are precious. However, it takes a dedicated effort to help ensure a company’s processes include environmentally-friendly practices. With a quality management system like ISO 14001, organizations have the tools they need to meet the environmental needs of the present without compromising future generations. It can help businesses reduce their environmental impact, increase operational efficiencies and improve their bottom line.

Health & Safety

Environmental Management & Health & SafetyEvery year, health and safety risks cost businesses a lot of money. Implementing a robust and effective management system like ISO 45001 can help a business reduce the risk of costly incidents, improve safety performance, establish a responsible image in the marketplace and meet regulatory and statutory requirements.


EAGLE is trusted by thousands of clients to know their business, know the standard and complete a thorough audit to ensure their environmental management and health & safety system is effective. That’s why EAGLE auditors continually engage in training to improve their skills and knowledge of the standard and regulatory requirements. You can be confident that EAGLE will provide an audit that is value added for your business.

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