Global Capabilities

Since 1994, we have built an excellent reputation by auditing the EAGLE way, focused on outcomes and adding value to our clients.

EAGLE Thinking Globally

With certifications issued in over 20 countries, EAGLE is steadily growing internationally. With strong foundations and solid industry experience, we are focused on serving our clients by taking the time to understand their global expectations, objectives and risks.

Making a Difference in a Rapidly Changing World

EAGLE is well represented in various industry affiliations. Beyond the audits we perform, our goal is to help drive improvement in the sectors we serve. Our purpose is to help both our clients and industry remain globally resilient and prosperous.

Strategic Partnership for Seamless Execution

A strategic partnership with IQNET, The International Certification Network, enables us to resource and execute audits in every region in the world. The benefit of the EAGLE partnership with our international clients is consistency. We globally deliver our cultural values of service, integrity and value.  to visit the IQNET website.

IQNET Association is an international network of conformity assessment bodies with legal seat in Switzerland.  Its member organizations present around the world are chosen owing to their knowledge of their country markets, contribution in promoting quality and conformance among their stakeholders, maintenance of international accreditations, and commitment to abide with IQNET agreements in terms of worldwide business cooperation and regular peer evaluation.

EAGLE Certification Group has been the IQNET member in the USA since 2019.

Organizations certified by EAGLE Certification Group receives an IQNET certificate, an exclusive tool which allows them to confidently compete in the global market through recognition extended by IQNET Partners located almost anywhere around the world.  List of countries could be found here.

EAGLE Certification Group can assist certified organizations in exploring conformity assessment requirements in other countries, from management systems to specialized schemes using IQNET’s exclusive and harmonized cooperation mechanisms.

Organizations certified by EAGLE Certification Group are guaranteed of a credible, reliable, and verifiable conformity assessment activities as supported by the business advantages only IQNET can provide.

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