Cultural Values

The growth and development of EAGLE is founded on the initiative, professionalism and tenacity of its people. We believe every individual has a distinct personality. Similarly, every organization has its own cultural values which define it and make it unique from other organizations; we call this The EAGLE Way.

The following are summaries of EAGLE’s cultural values which uniquely characterize our organization. In addition, these values are aspirational in that they provide guidance to each and every one of us in our day-to-day approach to our shared profession, to the public and to each other.

Business People In Meeting

People –  Every individual at EAGLE has a voice that is listened to, intelligence that is utilized and is empowered to work collaboratively. We care for the health and welfare of each member of the EAGLE family and strive to achieve a meaningful balance between work, family, community and self.

Integrity – EAGLE acts with honesty, transparency and consistency in every business activity.  We do the right thing when no one is looking. We exhibit this same attitude and behavior behind closed doors as with clients and external stakeholders.

Leadership – EAGLE actively works to improve the direction, activities and credibility of the certification industry at a national and international level. We promote social and environmental responsibility and community focus.

Service  –  We strive to exceed clieBusinesswoman writing value concept.nt expectations and delight them. EAGLE builds long-term client relationships based on responsiveness, reliability, quality and value of service. Honesty, integrity, knowledge and truth support all client communications to guide their organizational growth.

Accountability – Every person at EAGLE is accountable for the overall performance and continued growth of the business. We take direct responsibility for results, exercise initiative and judgement, and make decisions as required.

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