Engineering Services & Electrical Equipment

Engineering services & electrical equipment span across multiple industries; i.e., industrial, commercial and government, that touch multiple markets. Companies who provide these services must ensure their business practices are focused on helping their clients maintain a competitive edge. An ISO certification helps companies focus on sound project and risk management that bring value to clients of engineering services & electrical equipment.

ISO Certification for Engineering Services

Engineering Services & Electrical EquipmentNo matter what engineering service your company provides – automation design, drafting, electrical, analysis, manufacturing, mechanical, software or systems – it is critical to your success to continually improve your project management processes. An ISO Certification can help you achieve this by defining your internal processes to deliver a quality product or service to your clients.

ISO Certification for Electrical Equipment

Engineering Services & Electrical Equipment CertificationAny machine powered by electricity is dependent on the fail safe functioning of electrical switchboards, distribution boards, circuit breakers, meters, semiconductors, transducers, transformers and a host of other electrical components. And ensuring these systems function correctly is crucial. That’s where an ISO certification can put you a step above your competition.  It tells your clients and stakeholders your company has a system to control, measure and improve your core business processes to improve business performance and customer satisfaction.


Our clients are carefully matched with an industry experienced auditor who knows the engineering services & electrical equipment business. This adds value to the audit and credibility to the auditor as their quality, safety and environmental management system is evaluated. Real world experience and a complete understanding of the standard produces an audit that is pro-active for the client making their quality management system robust and effective.

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