ISO 45001 Occupational Health

Occupational Health and Safety Assessment – With EAGLE’s certification process and industry experienced auditors, companies can feel confident they meet internationally accepted health and safety requirements while controlling risks and improving performance.

Why ISO 45001 Certification?

Use a HelmetImplementing a structured health and safety management system throughout your business will demonstrate your commitment to the welfare of your employees, suppliers and customers. Benefits of the internationally recognized ISO 45001 Certification include:

  • Minimized risks to employees and others
  • Improved business performance
  • Establishes a responsible image in the marketplace
  • Avoids potential fines and penalties
  • Provides proactive versus reactive compliance
  • Provides commitment to legal compliance
  • Helps personnel focus on and prioritize the main health and safety issues
  • Ensures effective compliance systems are in place – i.e. training programs, internal inspections, recordkeeping and a corrective action process

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What is ISO 45001 Certification?

OHSAS 18001Health and safety risks cost businesses a tremendous amount of money every year. Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series, ISO 45001,  is a voluntary international quality management system standard that was developed to help any business control those risks while managing and improving their performance.


ISO 45001 Client Testimonials

Thank you EAGLE: Since we have been 45001:2018 certified; it has helped our employees realize that there is nothing more important than improving our health and safety culture and awareness. This program has helped minimize our risks and increased our continual improvement projects.

  -Vector – USA,  Kentland, IN

“Our experience with the EAGLE Audit team has failed to disappoint us in any way. With a business such as ours being committed to Safety, Quality, and predictable performance, EAGLE auditors have proven to have the skills to completely understand our business and have the needed strengths and adaptability in communications and required awarenesses. This is critical in our mission with production staff and process owners. This has truly allowed us to better understand the opportunities our business partners and end users requires. This has brought in-measurable growth to our business.”

 -Titeflex Commercial, Springfield, MA