Food Safety Preventive Controls +HACCP – Live Virtual Training

This 3-day course includes the materials developed by the Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance, (the curriculum recognized by the FDA) for the FSPCA Preventative Controls for Human Food Course. It also incorporates additional information for participants who have not had a HACCP course or need refresher HACCP training.  Items in red in the agenda are the supplemental HACCP material.  Participants will potentially receive two certificates of training.

The training will be conducted via Zoom and recorded if or as required. Participants are required to use audio and video so the instructor can verify active participation. If video connection is not stable, participation will be confirmed initially then continued participation verified via discussion, chat, text, or email throughout the course. Exercises which are part of the course may be required to be submitted to the instructor verbally or by email or via screen-sharing.  Group exercises will be completed using breakout rooms. Prior to the course, participants should ensure Zoom capabilities.

Hard copy course materials (book, workbook) will be shipped to participants prior to the course.

This course will include an exam to help verify effective learning. Preventive Controls Certificates are not dependent on quiz results, rather this is based on active participation and demonstration of understanding throughout the course. HACCP Certificates with the seal from the International HACCP Alliance are dependent upon exam results and will be issued for a score of 75% or better. The exam is delivered using Google Forms.

The Agenda below indicates the curriculum that is to be achieved daily. Break times may extend the duration of the course.

Day 1 9:00AM- 6PM EST

  • Introduction to Course & Preventive Controls
  • Overview of a Food Safety Plan
  • Introduction to HACCP
  • Good Manufacturing Practices & Prerequisite Programs
  • Biological Food Safety Hazards
  • Chemical, Physical & Economically Motivated Hazards
  • Preliminary Steps in Developing a Food Safety Plan
  • Exercise: Preliminary Steps of HACCP
  • Resources for Preparing Food Safety Plans
  • HACCP Principle 1: Conducting a Hazard Analysis
  • HACCP Principle 2: Determining Critical Control Points
  • Hazard Analysis and Preventive Control Determination

Day 2 9:00AM- 6PM EST

  • Review Day 1
  • Exercise: Conducting the Hazard Analysis
  • Process Preventive Controls
  • HACCP Principles 3 – 7 Determining Critical Limits, Monitoring, Corrective Action, Verification and Record Keeping
  • Exercise: Principles 3-7
  • Verification and Validation Procedures
  • Record-keeping Procedures
  • Exam for HACCP

Day 3 9:00AM- 6PM EST

  • Review Day 2
  • Allergen Preventive Controls
  • Sanitation Preventive Controls
  • Supplier Preventive Controls
  • Recall Plan
  • Regulation Overview – cGMP and Hazard Analysis and Risk-Based Preventive Controls for Human Food
  • Closing comments

This virtual class will be August 17th-19th, 2021 | 9am-6pm- Daily EST

$895 per person. A 10% discount applies when three or more persons from the same company register at the same time. Cost includes all training materials that you can use to help communicate the requirements to your staff. If three or more persons from the same company register at the same time, a 10% discount is applicable.

INSTRUCTOR – Cathy Crawford
Cathy is President of HACCP Consulting Group.  She specializes in food defense programs and was the instructor for a series of food defense workshops sponsored by the USDA Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS). She also facilitated national focus group meetings, bringing together industry, trade association and FSIS representatives to produce new model voluntary food defense plans and FSIS Guidance Material.

Ms. Crawford is an enthusiastic trainer who has provided HACCP and other food safety training to a wide variety of businesses including meat and poultry processors, bakeries, fruit and vegetable processors/packers, and food service establishments. In addition to her contributions within the HACCP Consulting Group, she is also a Senior Consultant for the Quality Support Group and was an adjunct instructor at the Culinary Institute of Virginia.

If you cancel greater than 15 days in advance of the first day of class, a cancellation fee of $150 will apply. If you cancel 14 days or less prior to the first day of class, the total amount is non-refundable. If minimum class size is not met for this event, it may be cancelled and notification will be provided at least 21 days prior to the event. Participants will be notified and provided a 100% refund if EAGLE should cancel the class.