FSMA Practice Audits

Why FSMA Practice Audit?

EAGLE offers FSMA Practice Audits for Preventive Controls for Human Food Rule and Produce Safety Rule. Contact EAGLE today for an evaluation of compliance to the appropriate FSMA rule for your facility.

FSMA is the first major overhaul of our nation’s food safety practices since 1938. FSMA shifts the focus from reaction to prevention. It includes new regulations for farms growing fresh produce (fruitscherry pie dessert and vegetables) and food processing facilities.

The information gathered during the practice audit can be used to have a better understanding of the facility’s compliance level to the FSMA requirements. This evaluation can be used by individuals  responsible for compliance to the applicable FSMA rule to assess readiness ahead of the compliance date and identify areas that need to improve.

What is a FSMA Practice Audit?

Practice audits are intended to support implementation of required activities. An experienced food safety professional will perform the practice audit at your facility and create an audit report fruit marketaccessing compliance to the applicable FSMA rule.

Duration of the practice audit will likely range from 1½ to 2 days at the facility. Facility size and process complexity are factors in determining the appropriate audit duration. The audit criteria has been developed by EAGLE and in no way guarantees compliance to the Food Safety Modernization Act.

FSMA Compliance Dates

All FSMA rules are now active and enforced.