Affiliated Food Safety

June 1, 2017, by Skip Greenaway – EAGLE President/CEO
Great News – EAGLE has risen to another level. We have led the foundation of three outstanding companies, people, and resources into a great new alliance called Affiliated Food Safety.

The Acheson Group (TAG) led by David Acheson, HACCP Consulting Group (HCG) led by Cathy Crawford, and EAGLE have joined forces to work toward becoming a premier food safety resource. EAGLE met individually with each company and then collectively to identify the uniqueness of each one. With their years of knowledge surrounding the vast complications of food safety and our solutions offered to the industry, we knew we could unite to offer a single source of food safety resources.

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) was one of the key reasons to start our conversations, particularly with David Acheson being involved with FSMA from the beginning. But it was David who directed us beyond just FSMA to the real need for food safety in its totality. Each member of Affiliated Food Safety would bring to the alliance a key asset for our success. TAG offers a wealth of food technical experts, HCG has a staff of experts focused on new and improved training, and EAGLE has a strong business approach and diverse industry knowledge as a certification body. Collectively our assets are far stronger that tackling food safety issues individually.

EAGLE’s oversight bodies have cautioned us that we must demonstrate that this alliance cannot in any way give our current customers and future customers any perception that becoming certified will be made easier or even allude to having any influence on a final certification decision. This potential conflict of interest and/or impartiality has been subject to a very thorough risk analysis and all members understand the importance of this effort. We all must protect the credibility of accredited certification.

Affiliated Food Safety has a brand new website that was developed by an outstanding young marketing firm, Lunne Marketing Group. Please visit the new website at this link.

We have just begun our work to manage and deal with answering your questions. We will take the next year to slowly identify our processes and work toward the best practices that TAG, HCG and EAGLE are doing and known for individually. In a world looking for continued improvement in our total food safety expectation, our goal is to take food safety to another level.